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Science Communications and Marine Public Information (SCAMPI)

Established in 1988 as a self-governing network of ocean science communicators, SCAMPI shares best practices and opportunities for collaboration in marine-related media activities. The organization includes communications, public-information, and media-relations professionals from leading institutions and government agencies that focus on ocean research and education.

The mission of SCAMPI is:

  1. To promote greater communication and collaboration among the communications professionals at institutions involved in ocean science research and education.
  2. To support efforts to unify the ocean sciences research and education communities.
  3. To develop joint media activities and other outreach programs to increase public support of ocean science research and education.
  4. To support, through a unified U.S. communications strategy, efforts for enhanced cooperation and collaboration on global ocean research and education programs.

Benefits of SCAMPI membership include:

  • A network that fosters collaboration and cooperation on media relations among member institutions.
  • Public Information Officers who can respond to print and electronic media queries on a variety of marine topics.
  • Improved tracking of ocean sciences in the news nationwide.
  • Opportunities to discuss current developments in technology, public relations practices, and media contacts/introductions.
  • Opportunities to pool communications resources (everything from ship time to artwork).
  • Improved communication between institutions and funding agencies.


COL hosts periodic SCAMPI conference calls so that SCAMPI members have a chance to discuss their latest work and opportunities for collaboration. SCAMPI meets every other year at a different host oceanographic institution, which offers SCAMPI members the opportunity to learn about other institutions. Institutions throughout the U.S. take turns hosting these events.

Officers – The SCAMPI Leadership:

SCAMPI Co-Chairs – Kim Fulton-Bennett, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and Tara Hicks-Johnson, University of New Hampshire

SCAMPI Director – Allison Hays, Consortium for Ocean Leadership

For more information about SCAMPI or to inquire about membership,
please contact SCAMPI Chair Kim Fulton-Bennet

Click here for SCAMPI Members Only Resources.