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Ocean Sciences Educators’ Retreat (OSER)

COL surveys member institutions to gather data on recruitment, admissions, and retention from the nation’s leading ocean science and technology graduate programs. The data are subsequently compiled and discussed at a biennial Ocean Sciences Educators’ Retreat (OSER) for graduate deans and other educational administrators.

The most recent OSER was held in October 2016 and was hosted by Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Deans, educators, and members of federal agencies and industry were invited to come together to address pressing issues in ocean sciences education, specifically discussing the current landscape of professional skills training for graduate students and identifying future workforce development needs.


  • Oceanography magazine released a special issue titled “Graduate Education in the Ocean Sciences” in March 2016. The issue highlights the challenges and opportunities in the current graduate ocean science education climate. Data collected from the OSER surveys provide a historical background in “The Ocean Science Graduate Education Landscape: A 2015 Perspective.” The full issue available here.
  • OSER partnered with the American Geosciences Institute (AGI) on their April 2013 Geoscience Currents. The article focuses on female degree rates in the geosciences. View it here.
  • The results of the preliminary survey on graduate training in professional skills were published in Oceanography magazine in 2013. Check it out here.

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