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Marine Geoscience Leadership Symposium (MGLS)

2013 Marine Geoscience Leadership Symposium (MGLS)

The 2013 Marine Geoscience Leadership Symposium (MGLS) was held on March 11-15, 2013 in Washington, DC. The goals of the 2013 MGLS were to (1) grow and develop effective leadership qualities; (2) improve skills in communicating scientific research and results; (3) identify and discuss areas of research that benefit from an interdisciplinary approach; (4) provide training in writing effective grant proposals; (5) provide a broader perspective on science policy and science funding, and (6) develop long-lasting collaborative relationships among a cohort of early career scientists.

The MGLS topics included:

  • Communications. Activities included short research presentations and feedback from peers and communications professionals and media training.
  • Leadership and Interdisciplinary Science. Activities included presentations from leaders in the academic community, training on team leadership, and discussion on collaboration.
  • Proposal Writing. Activities included visiting the National Science Foundation to learn about proposal writing and to meet with program officers.
  • Science Funding and Policy. Activities included discussions about the federal budget process and current events in science policy, and visits to Congressional offices.

Throughout the meeting, participants worked together in small breakout groups to discuss research priorities within the Ocean Research Priorities Plan. On the final day, each group presented their recommendations to a panel of individuals in mock scenarios that also required the group to think about the priorities of their audience.

Meeting mentors, who are recognized academic leaders in the marine geosciences, attended the symposium to provide advice throughout the week on leadership, career development, funding opportunities, and science policy.

Basak Chandranath Basak
University of Oldenburg
Behl Mona Behl
Texas A&M University
Cook Ann Cook
Ohio State University
Davies Maureen Davies
Australian National University
Dubois Nathalie Dubois
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Dyez Kelsey Dyez
Autonomous University of Barcelona
Gibbons Fern Gibbons
Sea Grant Fellow
Glass Jennifer Glass
California Institute of Technology
Gonzalez Juan Gonzalez
University of Texas-Pan American
Kirkpatrick John Kirkpatrick
University of Rhode Island
Littler Kate Littler
University of California, Santa Cruz
Liu Xiaoming Liu
Carnegie Institute of Washington
Mackey Katherine Mackey
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Maier Katherine Maier
U.S. Geological Survey
Naafs1 David Naafs
University of Bristol
Rafter Patrick Rafter
Princeton University
Raineault Nicole Raineault
University of Rhode Island
Reece Robert Reece
University of Texas at Austin
Reese Brandi Reese
University of Southern California
Sawyer Derek Sawyer
University of Kentucky
Schneider Leah Schneider
Texas A&M University
U.S. Geological Survey
Tillinger Debra Tillinger
Marymount Manhattan College
Waite Amanda Waite
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Meeting Agenda