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Marine Geoscience Leadership Symposium (MGLS)

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As global headlines focus on climate change, ocean acidification, and tsunamis, marine geoscientists stand well positioned to serve the needs of society while pushing the frontiers of scientific research. To solve these challenges and forge the necessary links between science and society, marine geoscientists must reach beyond their individual laboratories, form interdisciplinary collaborations, and communicate their discoveries to the public and policymakers. The Marine Geoscience Leadership Symposium (MGLS) introduces these skills to early career marine geoscientists.

The goals of MGLS are to:

  • create a forum for recent Ph.D. graduates to present their research to peers and others in the scientific community;

  • identify and discuss areas of research that benefit from an interdisciplinary perspective;

  • develop long-lasting collaborative relationships among a cohort of young scientists;

  • provide proposal preparation training; and

  • equip participants with a broader perspective on science policy and science funding.

During MGLS, which is held in Washington, D.C., participants engage in small group discussions and proposal workshops and meet with funding agencies, media representatives, and policymakers. The symposium provides leadership, policy, and communications training and begins the process of forming interdisciplinary research collaborations. Through exposure to skills that extend beyond the classroom and laboratory, 25 early-career researchers who participate in this symposium gain some of the expertise needed to serve as successful leaders and representatives of the scientific community in the years to come.