Program Update: Interagency Ocean Observation Committee – August 2012

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IOOS Summit 2012 will take place November 13-16, 2012 in Herndon, Virginia.  All 103 community white paper (CWP) submissions, along with the seminal community references, are posted now on the Summit website.  The IOOC Program Office encourages you to share these resources within your community and share your insight on these documents through the comments section.  The ongoing opportunity to comment on the CWPs and interact with the Proceedings Chapter authors is one of the primary mechanisms to shape the IOOS Summit Proceedings (ISP).  Following the Summit, the draft IOOS ISPs, including all 103 CWP submissions, will be publicly available for final review.  Meanwhile, CWPs will be receiving a friendly peer review to assist all authors in finalizing their contributions to the IOOS Summit Proceedings due in early October.

The first IOOS Advisory Committee meeting was held August 29-30 at the Consortium for Ocean Leadership.  More information and meeting materials can be found here.  During the meeting, the IOOC Co-Chairs delivered a presentation to the new federal advisory committee.

The DMAC Steering Team met September 5-6, also at the Consortium for Ocean Leadership.  The Environmental Protection Agency was the host agency for the meeting.