President and CEO RADM Jon White (Ret.): Gallaudet Brings Science, Oceanography, and Meteorology Expertise to NOAA

2018-08-28T14:08:25+00:00 September 2, 2017|

(Washington, D.C.) – In response to President Trump’s announcement of his intent to nominate Rear Admiral (Ret.) Tim Gallaudet to be the next deputy administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Rear Admiral (Ret.) Jonathan White, president and CEO of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, released the following statement.

“Yesterday, the president announced his intent to nominate Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet to serve as deputy administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). On behalf of the ocean science, education, and technology community and the members of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership (COL), I want to express my appreciation to the president for taking the first step to staff this leadership post. He has chosen someone who has the scientific and oceanographic expertise necessary to fulfill the requirements of this position and whose exemplary leadership, professionalism, and dedication will allow him to serve with distinction.

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Admiral Gallaudet, whose extensive scientific and operational proficiency in oceanography and meteorology make him abundantly qualified to serve as deputy administrator. Starting with his degrees in oceanography from a world-class institution (and COL member) and culminating in his time as Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy and Superintendent of the U.S. Naval Observatory, Admiral Gallaudet’s multi-faceted background makes him uniquely suited for this key role. With its mission to understand, predict, and share information about changes in climate, weather, ocean, and coasts and to conserve and manage our nation’s vast coastal and marine ecosystems and resources, NOAA will thrive under his leadership.

COL looks forward to working with Admiral Gallaudet on issues of vital importance, such as the ocean’s role in enhancing economic prosperity, improving predictions of weather cycles, increasing national and homeland security, fostering human health, and securing food and energy production – all of which depend upon a healthy and vibrant ocean science and technology enterprise. Whether working with Navy SEALs or below deck on an oceanographic survey ship, Admiral Gallaudet has served his country with honor and distinction, and I know that he will continue to do so at NOAA. We hope for a speedy confirmation process by the United States Senate that will put leadership in place at this essential agency.”

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