Ocean Science and Technology = Security for Today and Tomorrow

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When I say “ocean security,”what comes to mind? I’m not talking about wearing a life jacket while aboard a boat or keeping an eye on one’s cellphone while splashing in the surf. What I am talking about is the merging of science and security when considering our ocean.

(From Sea Technology/ By Jon White) —  Just as a solid foundation enables a house to withstand winds and rains, so too does a strong understanding of ocean science keep us secure–in terms of our national, homeland, food, water, energy and economic security, as well as our human health and safety.

In 2017, the Consortium for Ocean Leadership (COL) used this concept to help people understand that no matter how far they are from the coast, the ocean plays a significant role in their lives and livelihoods. Here are a few ways we did that.

Food Security. COL’s annual public policy forum addressed the challenge of safely nourishing our global population. “Feeding the Future: An Ocean of Opportunity” focused on the ocean’s role in a changing world with an ever-growing population. Feeding the expected 10 billion by 2050 will require doubling our global agriculture (a task that cannot be accomplished through terrestrial methods alone); sustainable fishing and aquaculture can and must play a role. Forum participants developed recommendations to improve food security (e.g., identifying core challenges) and food safety (e.g., increasing aquaculture production by determining the appropriate trophic level on which to concentrate production efforts).

Energy Security. The National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB) celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017. An ocean science-focused quiz bowl competition, the NOSB engages high schoolers around the country, challenging their knowledge of ocean-related topics and creating a science- and ocean-literate society. The 2017 theme, “Blue Energy–Powering the Planet with our Ocean,” increased awareness and…

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