National Marine Educators Association Annual Conference, University of New Hampshire (Jul. 21-25)

2019-04-24T12:13:16+00:00 April 24, 2019|

The Gulf of Maine Marine Education Association is proud to host the National Marine Educators Association Annual Conference, July 21-25, 2019 at the University of New Hampshire campus in Durham, NH.

Our mission is to make known the world of water both fresh and salt, and our annual conference brings together formal and informal marine educators from around the world to promote awareness and education of the global marine environment.

The conference draws 300-500 professionals from K-12 schools, public aquariums, non-profit NGOs, and government agencies together for four days of learning, sharing, and networking. Bring your family and get back to nature! There are several family-friendly conference events and field trips, and SO MUCH to explore in New Hampshire and Maine! Hope to see you there!