Marshfield High School Wins National Ocean Sciences Competition on Earth Day

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15th Annual National Ocean Sciences Bowl Held in Baltimore, Maryland                                              

(Washington, D.C.)Returning champions Marshfield High School from Marshfield, Wisconsin won the 15th Annual National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB®) Final, held April 19 – 22, 2012 at the Sheraton City Center Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland.  Twenty-five high schools from around the United States competed in this year’s NOSB Finals Competition.  The NOSB is an ocean science education program of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership based in Washington, D.C.

After competing in their respective regional competitions in February and March, these 25 high school teams traveled to Baltimore for the opportunity to compete with their peers on their knowledge of the ocean during the 2012 NOSB Finals Competition.  Approximately 2,000 students from over 300 high schools participated in NOSB in 2012.

Returning champions Marshfield High School (Photo by Will Ramos / Ocean Leadership)

(Click to enlarge) Returning champions Marshfield High School (Photo by Will Ramos / Ocean Leadership)

At both the regional and national level, the competition consists of buzzer-style, multiple choice questions and longer, critical thinking-based team challenge questions on ocean-related topics.  During the weekend’s Finals Competition, the students also participated in the Scientific Expert Briefing (SEB) component, where they recreated a congressional testimony.  The SEB was piloted in 2011 to provide students with a broader understanding of the interconnections between science, policy and the public.  This year, the topic was offshore renewable energy.

Along with the competition, the students participated in a day of interactive field trips around the city of Baltimore, an engaging speed-career search event and heard a creative and motivational presentation from Keynote Speaker Jim Toomey, author of the syndicated comic strip “Sherman’s Lagoon.”  The students also participated in Aquabotz, where they were able to design, build and launch their own individual remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). 

The theme for this year’s Finals Competition was “A Sea of Change:  Development and Evolution.”  The theme encompassed both biological evolution and the adaptions of humans to the changing oceans, highlighting the fact that the competition participants are stewards of the ocean, who should research, explore and discover the ever-changing sea.

The top eight teams at the Finals Competition were:

1st Place – Marshfield High School – Marshfield, Wisconsin

2nd Place – Raleigh Charter High School – Raleigh, North Carolina

3rd Place – Eastside High School – Gainesville, Florida

4th Place – Lexington High School – Lexington, Massachusetts

5th Place – Santa Monica High School – Santa Monica, California

6th Place – Maui High School – Kahului, Hawaii

7th Place – Albany High School – Albany, California

8th Place – Loveland High School – Loveland, Colorado

Other winners were also named at the annual Finals Competition, including the James D. Watkins Sportsmanship Award winner.  Ledyard High School of Ledyard, Connecticut won the Sportsmanship Award, which is voted upon by the volunteers for demonstrating the best sportsmanship throughout the weekend-long competition. 

“I am consistently amazed at the participants in the annual NOSB Finals Competition as their knowledge of ocean science is outstanding,” said Robert B. Gagosian, President & CEO of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership.  “These scholars are the future stewards of our ocean, and I know this experience encourages them to continue to learn how the ocean works and how to wisely use our ocean resources for generations to come.” 

The top four teams had their choice of prizes, including HP Mini 210 series Netbooks and all-expense paid trips to Hawaii, Mississippi and North Carolina to conduct hands-on ocean science activities.  Marshfield High School will be taking the Hawaii trip, Raleigh Charter High School will be taking the Mississippi trip, Eastside High School selected the Netbooks and Lexington High School will be going on the North Carolina trip.  The fifth through 12th place teams and the Sportsmanship winner received an array of prizes from marine science textbooks to gift certificates.

For more information about the 2012 NOSB Finals, including a full list of participants, click here.

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Ocean Leadership is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization that represents 103 of the leading public and private ocean research education institutions, aquaria and industry with the mission to advance research, education and sound ocean policy. The organization also manages, coordinates and facilitates ocean research and education programs in areas of scientific ocean drilling, ocean observing, ocean exploration and ocean partnerships.

About National Ocean Sciences Bowl

The National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB) is a program of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership based in Washington, D.C.  NOSB seeks to interest students in pursuing a college degree and future career in the ocean sciences.  Through this educational forum, the NOSB strives to encourage and support the next generation of marine scientists, policy makers, teachers, explorers, researchers, technicians, environmental advocates and informed citizens, to consider and appreciate the ocean.  Approximately 2,000 students from over 300 high schools participated in 2012.

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