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COL Branding Guidelines

The Consortium for Ocean Leadership maintains this page as a resource for those wishing to use the COL logo. Any usage of COL branding must adhere to these guidelines unless expressly given permission to deviate. If you would like to use our logo in a way that is not covered here, please contact the webmaster for guidance. The purpose of these guidelines is to maintain consistent branding and strengthen COL’s organizational appearance. COL greatly appreciates your cooperation and respect for these guidelines.

COL Style Guide PDF


R (0), G (69), B (124)
HEX #002f5f
CMYK (100, 57, 0, 40)


R (0), G (173), B (208)
HEX #00add0
CMYK (96, 0, 11, 0)


R (0), G (133), B (118)
HEX #008576
CMYK (98, 0, 57, 17)

Proper Logo Placement

Ensuring a logo is clearly visible requires some attention to the placement in relation to text, graphics, and other logos. The amount of white space surrounding the COL logo should be equal to the height of the capital O. This provides a reference point that can scale with the logo.

Logo Fonts

The COL logo uses two specific fonts, Arial Regular and Roomy Bold. There are no acceptable substitutions within the logo. Other font variants are allowed in COL materials on a case by case basis. Further explanation of font usage is below.

Logo Sizing

When sizing the COL logo to fit your needs, care must be taken to ensure the aspect ratio is always maintained. Holding down the shift key while scaling is the best way to keep the logo from appearing stretched or compressed. Never use the COL logo at a width smaller than one inch.


Web Ready 200px Wide
Print Ready 300dpi
Web Ready 200px Wide
Print Ready 300dpi
Pantone 295 Vector PDF
Web Ready 200px Wide
Print Ready 300dpi
CMYK Rich Black Vector PDF
Web Ready 200px Wide
White Vector PDF

If you need the COL logo in another format, please contact the webmaster with your request.