Jon White – From the President’s Office: Good News About The Blues (12-16-2019)

2020-02-10T15:36:21+00:00 December 16, 2019|

Good News About The Blues

Those of you regular ONW readers may remember my April Fool’s column earlier this year about the Blue New Deal. While it was an amusing way to put together a bit of a congressional “ocean science and technology wish list,” I was pleasantly surprised by the interest it generated on the Hill — both from people who didn’t read all the way to the “April Fool” line and from those who did but still wanted to talk about what a Blue New Deal could look like.

I was also pleasantly surprised last week when Senator Elizabeth Warren made a “Blue New Deal” part of her presidential campaign plan. While my previous President’s Corner likely did not have anything to do with this “deal,” I’m pleased to see at least one candidate taking the need for transformational, science-based ocean policy seriously. I hope this is just the start, and that in the coming weeks and months, we can see Blue New Deals from all candidates (no matter the office for which they’re running) and every party. A healthy and prosperous blue planet might just depend on it.

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