FY20 Coalition Letter Supporting Strong Science R&D Funding

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Senator Mitch McConnell                           Senator Charles Schumer
Senate Majority Leader                              Senate Minority Leader
U.S. Senate                                                U.S. Senate

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi                      Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy
Speaker of the House                                 Republican Leader
U.S. House of Representatives                   U.S. House of Representatives

Dear Congressional Leaders:

The undersigned U.S. science, engineering, and medical organizations urge you once again to prioritize federal research investments, raise the budgetary caps imposed on the discretionary budget and provide sustainable and robust investments for federal research in fiscal year 2020.

The Administration’s proposed cuts to NIH, NSF, DOE, USDA, EPA, NOAA, NIST, USGS, portions of DOD and NASA, and other agencies would derail the science and technology enterprise, severely harming discovery science programs and critical mission agencies alike.

As you are aware, our research enterprise is among the most powerful engines for American prosperity. This engine of discovery and innovation has been sustained by bipartisan support.

One example of this bipartisan support is the final FY 2019 appropriations and omnibus bills that provided critical funding for federal R&D, and we applaud your support. As you work to craft appropriations for FY 2020, we ask you to consider the following in your deliberations:

  • The challenges we face as a nation – emerging infectious diseases, food security, energy security, natural disasters, cybersecurity and education – demand a science and engineering solution.
  • Unfortunately…The U.S. trails behind the top eight EU nations in science and engineering bachelor degrees awarded. The U.S. now ranks 10th in the world in research intensity, according to the OECD Science Indicators. And China is set to surpass the U.S. in total R&D expenditures, as detailed by the NSF Science & Engineering Indicators.
  • Fortunately… A new poll shows that an overwhelming majority of voters – 88 percent – from both parties believe it is important for the federal government to fund science and technology research. One of the consistent areas of bipartisan agreement over the past 70 years has been the importance of the federal government’s role in supporting research and innovation.

Our members and our organizations stand ready to work with you as you craft appropriation bills for our nation’s federal research agencies. Thank you for your consideration.

Read the full letter here.