Future Leaders In STEM: Summer Program For Middle And High-School Students (Jun. 11-Jul. 30)

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How to Cultivate Future Leaders in STEM: Summer Program for Middle and High-School Students

When it comes to remedying challenges regarding the environment, cybersecurity, and health care, America is in desperate need of more STEM-educated professionals. The Tulane Summer Enrichment Institute in STEM is designed to inspire the future generation to pursue careers and academic disciplines within STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) to help tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our world. Our classes and faculty will nurture curiosity, incubate ideas, and provide students with an experience that will help take their college applications to the next level.


  • Hands-on courses in science and engineering
  • Learn from talented faculty in the heart of New Orleans
  • Explore potential careers in STEM
  • Receive college credit or participate in an enrichment experience to build your resume for college
  • Flexible start and end dates—ideal for busy families

Reasons to Choose the Tulane STEM School Program

The Tulane Summer Enrichment Institute (TSEI) offers multiple tracks: multiple middle and high school enrichment courses developed with Tulane faculty and taught by highly qualified teachers and graduate students for students in grades six through 11. The courses are tailored to the needs of middle and high school students to explain complex concepts in a practical, understandable way.

The program focuses on an array of disciplines, such as environmental science, computer science, robotics, ecology, engineering, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, and physics, among others. Students have access to Tulane facilities, where they will conduct lab work and execute projects.

Participants can choose to live in the residence halls for the full college experience or commute and have the flexibility of living at home. The residential students will be supervised by staff throughout the duration of the program and will also have the benefit of a variety of evening activities.

Contact us: summer@tulane.edu or 504.314.7867

For more information click here: http://summer.tulane.edu/pre-college/stem