Enter NOSB’s “Living on the Ocean Planet” Video Contest!

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2009-09-03_0636Showcase your video production skills and highlight the important role technology plays in ocean research by entering the…

National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB®)
“Living on the Ocean Planet”
Video Contest

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The Census of Marine Life (CoML) is a 10 year global scientific initiative that seeks to assess and explain the diversity, distribution and abundance of marine life in the ocean.  For the second year in a row, CoML is a sponsor for the National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB®) “Living on the Ocean Planet” Video Contest, featuring the important role that technology plays in ocean research. Since CoML started in 2000, developments in marine science technology have revolutionized the way research is conducted. Technologies developed through CoML have made it easier and more efficient to study, monitor, and accurately track the health of the ocean and the life within it. Marine scientists now use suites of instrumentation, including in-situ sensors, remotely and autonomously operated vehicles, DNA barcoding, real-time species tracking and remote sensing, all of which offer more novel and exciting views of ocean life and ecological processes than ever before. Today, using these new technologies, we know more about the migratory patterns of marine wildlife, the ecosystem’s physical, chemical and biological makeup and how these environmental parameters affect habitat use. All of the entries were outstanding last year, and we can’t wait to see what you can come up with this year. On behalf of CoML, and the U.S. CoML program, we wish you the best of luck in this years competition!

For information about CoML and the many projects and technologies that have been developed, please visit www.coml.org.