Ocean Leadership Board Member Nancy Rabalais Among 2012 MacArthur Fellows

2016-06-29T09:24:21+00:00 October 3, 2012|

Working across a broad spectrum of endeavors, the Fellows include a pediatric neurosurgeon, a marine ecologist, a journalist, a photographer, an optical physicist and astronomer, a stringed-instrument bow maker, a geochemist, a fiction writer, and an arts entrepreneur. All were selected for their creativity, originality, and potential to make important contributions in the future.

Ocean Leadership Selected to Run New Project

2016-06-29T09:24:30+00:00 September 5, 2012|

The Energy Department today announced the selection of 14 new research projects across 11 states that will be a part of an expanding portfolio of projects designed to increase our understanding of methane hydrates’ potential as a future energy supply.

Scientists Use Ocean Drilling Data to Connect Seawater Chemistry with Climate Change and Evolution

2016-06-29T09:24:39+00:00 July 23, 2012|

Humans get much of the blame for modern climate change, with little attention paid to the contribution of other natural forces. But a new study in the July 20 issue of the journal Science sheds some light on one potential cause of the cooling trend of the past 45 million years. And it has everything to do with the chemistry of the world’s oceans.

Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Announces Availability of New Funding for Short-Term Continuing and Emergent Observations and Sampling on Effects of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

2016-06-29T10:22:31+00:00 June 7, 2011|

The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GRI) Research Board announced today that up to $1.5 million in grants will be available to provide funds for the acquisition of samples and critical observations of effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Consortium for Ocean Leadership Names Rutgers to OOI Team

2016-06-29T10:24:04+00:00 March 15, 2011|

The Consortium for Ocean Leadership announced Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, will join the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) to build a variety of software interfaces and web-based tools that ultimately will allow educators to bring the ocean into their learning environments.

Ancient Undersea Volcanoes Yield Clues to Earth Dynamics

2016-06-29T10:24:20+00:00 February 15, 2011|

Over 800 meters (nearly half a mile) of rock pulled from below the seafloor near the coast of New Zealand may yield new clues to understanding how some hotspot volcanoes are created and whether and how the sources of these volcanoes have moved over time deep within the Earth.

What Lives in the Sea?

2016-06-29T10:45:43+00:00 August 2, 2010|

Census of Marine Life scientists today released an inventory of species distribution and diversity in key global ocean areas.

Contoocook Valley Regional High School Wins National Video Contest

2016-06-29T10:46:12+00:00 April 30, 2010|

The National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB®), an ocean science education program of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership based in Washington, D.C., announced that Contoocook Valley Regional High School from Peterborough, New Hampshire has won the second annual NOSB “Living on the Ocean Planet” Video Contest.

Explorers Inventory Hard-to-See Sea Life: Tiny but Mighty Microbes, Plankton, Larvae, Burrowers – Keys to Earth’s Food and Respiratory Systems

2016-06-29T10:46:17+00:00 April 19, 2010|

Microbial mat the size of Greece found on oxygen-starved South American seafloor; Scientists puzzle out Neptune’s riotous diversity of tiny creatures; “In no other ocean realm has discovery been as extensive”; Explorers yet to find any lifeless place on Earth below 150°C; Release of historic global ocean Census: October 4, 2010

Deciphering the Mysteries of an Ancient Seafloor Goliath

2016-06-29T10:46:21+00:00 April 9, 2010|

“Supervolcanoes” have been blamed for multiple mass extinctions in Earth’s history, but the cause of these massive eruptions remains poorly understood. To explore the origins of these seafloor giants, scientists drilled into a large, 145 million-year-old volcanic mountain chain lying underwater off the coast of Japan.

US-Canada Partnership Expands Innovative Ocean Research

2016-06-29T10:46:35+00:00 March 11, 2010|

US-Canada collaboration on ocean research takes a major step forward today as Robert Gagosian, president and CEO of Consortium for Ocean Leadership, and Martin Taylor, president and CEO of Ocean Networks Canada, sign a Memorandum of Understanding pledging to work closely together as they manage and operate world-leading ocean observing systems.

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