Board Statement: Sherri Goodman Resigns

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Dr. Robert B. Dunbar,  Chair, Board of Trustees, Consortium for Ocean Leadership

Dr. Robert B. Dunbar,
Chair, Board of Trustees,
Consortium for Ocean Leadership

January 4, 2016 — Earlier today Sherri Goodman announced her resignation from the position of President/CEO of Ocean Leadership.

The Ocean Leadership Board of Trustees understands and supports Sherri’s decision. We wish to express our appreciation of Sherri’s energy and accomplishments over the past 11 months.  She has engaged the ocean science community in the development of new partnerships and possibilities, from industry and the research community addressing issues related to resource exploration and sound in the sea, to scientists and military experts working together to understand the importance of the oceans to our national security.  Working with her staff and partners across academia, industry, and the military, Sherri helped defend geoscience funding in the FY 2016 spending bills, and heightened the visibility and importance of the ocean sciences. This was a major accomplishment that benefits our community and Ocean Leadership membership.

With Sherri’s departure from Ocean Leadership, I want to assure you that the organization remains in capable hands.  Admiral Jon White, recently retired from the position of Oceanographer of the Navy and currently Vice President of Ocean Leadership, will lead the senior management team in an interim basis while the Board of Trustees develops an expedited CEO search process.  The Board meets in person on January 13th to craft a path forward and to continue strategic planning for Ocean Leadership’s future.

I ask that you join the Ocean Leadership Board of Trustees and staff in wishing Sherri Goodman fair winds and following seas.

For further information, please feel free to contact Kc Cerveny, Director of Public Affairs.

Dr. Robert B. Dunbar
Chair, Board of Trustees
Consortium for Ocean Leadership