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“Oceans are critical to our very survival.”

–Admiral James D. Watkins

We are a consortium of the leading ocean science and technology institutions from academia, aquaria, and industry. Based in Washington, D.C., Consortium for Ocean Leadership (COL) advances ocean research, innovation, education, and sound policy.

COL shapes the future of ocean science and technology through

Our Impact

We have a proven track record of shaping the future of ocean science and technology through discovery, understanding, and action. Representing institutions across the U.S., Australia, Bermuda, and Canada, we have managed over a billion dollars in science funding since our inception, supporting every aspect of oceanic discovery from the ocean floor to outer space.

Our Approach

We manage, coordinate, and facilitate ocean research and education programs between academic and industrial oceanographic institutions and government entities in the areas of ocean exploration, ocean observing, analysis and prediction, and informal education. With the reputation for being a credible source of information for policymakers in the nation’s capital, we advocate for sound ocean policy and wise investment in ocean science, infrastructure, and education.

Our Story

In 2007, two of the premier ocean science organizations with more than 40 years of history advocating for the scientific community and managing major programs merged. The creation of COL from the Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education (CORE) and the Joint Oceanographic Institutions (JOI) created a unified voice for oceanographic research and education in our nation’s capital. Today, COL continues to unite the ocean science, technology, and education communities through advocacy, program management, and facilitation of research efforts.

Our History

COL has a rich history of managing community-wide ocean research and technology programs for the federal government, private foundations, and businesses. Through program administration of these initiatives, COL has facilitated countless national and international scientific discoveries.

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