Customizing Antibodies By Learning From Sharks

2014-05-20T11:11:37+00:00 May 20, 2014|

Comparing the antibodies of sharks, which are very old from an evolutionary perspective, with those of humans, a team of researchers at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) and the Helmholtz Zentrum Muenchen discovered stabilizing mechanisms that can also be applied to optimize custom-tailored antibodies in humans.

Rare Goblin Shark Caught in Gulf of Mexico

2014-05-07T23:18:31+00:00 May 7, 2014|

Commercial fisher Carl Moore wasn’t sure what he had netted last week just south of Key West, Florida (map), when he saw the fish’s flat, blade-like snout. Only after the Georgia angler photographed and released his catch was its identity confirmed: It was a goblin shark, a rare deep-sea shark, and it’s believed to be only the second such specimen ever caught in the Gulf of Mexico.

Great Whites Get A New Follower

2016-06-28T19:30:11+00:00 February 12, 2014|

They were unaware that just 150 feet offshore, Large Marge, a 16-foot-long female great white shark, was swimming slowly north, undetected in just 8 feet of water.

Tracking the Secret Lives of Great White Sharks

2016-06-28T19:30:24+00:00 December 20, 2013|

Greg Skomal clambered onto the hydraulic lift of a modified 126-foot Bering Sea crab fishing boat off of Cape Cod, staring at the object of his life’s devotion: 3,500 pounds of writhing, gunmetal gray muscle, shimmering under the ship’s spotlights.

Migratory Behavior of Oceanic Whitetip Sharks Revealed

2016-06-28T19:39:14+00:00 February 21, 2013|

As the nations of the world prepare to vote on measures to restrict international trade in endangered sharks in early March, a team of researchers has found that one of these species -- the oceanic whitetip shark -- regularly crosses international boundaries.

Hope Delayed for Sharks in Atlantic

2016-06-29T09:24:10+00:00 November 20, 2012|

Conservationists failed to win new protections for threatened sharks in the Atlantic Ocean at the annual meeting of a major international fisheries commission, but they hope to make significant progress over the next few years.

Track Sea-Swimming Sharks in Real-Time

2016-06-29T09:24:34+00:00 August 15, 2012|

Real-time information about the movement of basking sharks swimming off the coast of Scotland is now available online, thanks to a partnership between Scottish Natural Heritage and the University of Exeter.

The Science of Shark Finning

2016-06-29T10:22:09+00:00 August 1, 2011|

The global appetite for shark fin soup is one of the most serious threats to sharks around the world, driving several shark populations to the brink of extinction.

Are Sharks Color Blind?

2016-06-29T10:24:35+00:00 January 19, 2011|

Sharks are unable to distinguish colors, even though their close relatives rays and chimaeras have some color vision, according to new research by Dr. Nathan Scott Hart and colleagues from the University of Western Australia and the University of Queensland in Australia.

Networking for Dolphins

2016-06-29T10:43:46+00:00 November 3, 2010|

Like a marine mammal version of Facebook, male and female bottlenose dolphins spend their days courting friends and building alliances.

13 Days of Halloween: Seafaring Superstitions

2016-06-29T10:44:00+00:00 October 19, 2010|

Going to sea then was chancier than going into outer space today, so a mariner’s life was rife with superstitions. Some superstitions may have had a tenuous basis in fact, but most were contrived beliefs and rituals that sailors relied upon to give them a feeling that, to some small extent, they had some control [...]

ONW: Week of October 11, 2010 – Number 105

2016-06-29T10:44:00+00:00 October 15, 2010|

The staff here at Ocean Leadership works hard to make certain that each week we provide you with the most useful and timely information regarding our efforts, activities of the community, news from Capitol Hill, and all opportunities, jobs and internships that we feel you might find beneficial.

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