July Progress On Capitol Hill

2016-08-08T12:55:23+00:00 August 8, 2016|

The first two weeks of July were especially busy on Capitol Hill as lawmakers made a final legislative push before they left for recess. Appropriations bills were high on their agenda since Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 expires at the end September, and the Senate and House are now on a seven-week hiatus until September 6.

Defense Appropriations Stalled By Partisanship

2016-07-18T13:09:43+00:00 July 18, 2016|

The final effort to pass the Senate’s Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2017, S. 3000, fell short, effectively putting an end to this year’s efforts to pass individual appropriations bills. Surprisingly, the partisan split on whether or not to approve the bill, which funds defense agencies, including Navy research and development, was less about the bill itself (spending allocations were under the agreed-upon limit, and the bill passed unanimously out of committee) and wholly about distrust between parties.

House Interior Appropriations Bill Passes With Anti-National Ocean Policy Amendment

2017-12-12T13:11:34+00:00 July 18, 2016|

On the House floor this week, Representatives Chellie Pingree (ME-1) and James Langevin (RI-2) spoke vehemently in support of the National Ocean Policy (NOP), with the congresswoman calling it a “vital tool ... to help ensure that our coastal communities and their stakeholders work together and coordinate their ideas and make plans to achieve local goals.”

Ocean Policy Wrap Up for June 2016

2016-07-08T14:13:22+00:00 July 8, 2016|

Oceans month 2016 saw the reauthorization of the Freedom of Information Act become law, defense appropriations and COMPETES reauthorization advance, and a number of ocean-related bills be introduced in the House and Senate.

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