NRC Decadal Survey Of Ocean Science Released

2015-01-23T16:52:49+00:00 January 23, 2015|

Today, the NRC released “Sea Change: 2015-2025 Decadal Survey of Ocean Sciences”. The report identifies strategic priorities for the next decade as well as addresses the balance of infrastructure needed to meet research goals.

Ocean Leadership Comments On Climate Science Funding, and Research and Higher Education

2014-11-16T14:50:00+00:00 November 16, 2014|

(Click to enlarge) A true-color NASA satellite mosaic of Earth. (Credit: NASA) Ocean Leadership joined with other science organizations and institutions to submit a letter to the Senate Committee on Appropriations, opposing climate research policy riders and funding prohibitions attached to several House FY 2015 appropriations bills. The letter urges the Senate committee [...]

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