Member Highlight: Liquid Robotics Debuts Next Generation Wave Glider

2017-09-11T10:59:26+00:00 September 11, 2017|

Long-duration unmanned surface vehicles manufacturer Liquid Robotics has rolled out its next generation Wave Glider, featuring advancements to the platform’s operational range, and performance for missions in high sea states and high latitudes. Other updates include advancements for expanded sensor payloads and increased energy and storage capacity required for long duration maritime surveillance, environmental monitoring and observation missions.

The ‘Curious’ Robots Searching For The Ocean’s Secrets

2017-03-02T11:17:21+00:00 March 2, 2017|

People have been exploring the Earth since ancient times—traversing deserts, climbing mountains, and trekking through forests. But there is one ecological realm that hasn’t yet been well explored: the oceans. To date, just 5 percent of Earth’s oceans have been seen by human eyes or by human-controlled robots.

Robot Cameras Monitor Deep Sea Ecosystems

2015-01-15T16:06:50+00:00 January 15, 2015|

Scientists at the NOC have used advanced photographic tools in an unmanned Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) to make major advancements in estimating deep-sea ecosystem diversity at 'landscape' scales.

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