Climate Change: “Not A Belief System”

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Hardly anyone would play Russian roulette with a one-in-six chance of fatality. Representative Don Beyer (VA-8) drew this analogy at a roundtable discussion on Tuesday, wondering why the United States would take a gamble on climate action when 97 percent of climate scientists agree the climate is changing. At the roundtable hosted by Ranking Member of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX-30), scientists and climate policy experts discussed the scientific basis for climate action and the international ramifications of climate policies.

Paris Climate Talks Outcomes

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(Click to enlarge) Eiffel Tower (Credit: Kimberly Vardeman) Over 13 days in December, representatives from 196 countries gathered in Paris to negotiate a universal agreement on climate, commonly referred to as COP21.The resulting Paris climate pact forms a first ever commitment by 195 nations to take concrete actions to reduce carbon emissions in order [...]