Jon White – From the President’s Office: 11-19-2018

2018-11-19T16:37:45+00:00 November 19, 2018|

As I attended a tree-planting memorial ceremony at Youngstown State University (YSU) last week, I was reminded of the difference that one person can make. That one person was Dr. Ray Beiersdorfer, professor of geologic and environmental sciences at YSU and creator of the Penguin Bowl, the area’s regional competition for the National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB). “Dr. Ray” [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 11-05-2018

2018-11-06T11:24:24+00:00 November 6, 2018|

Two weeks ago, COL had the pleasure of hosting our fourth annual industry forum, where over 100 stakeholders, including many of our member institutions, joined us for balanced, science-based discussion on a topic relevant to our ocean security: U.S. Offshore Aquaculture: Will We Fish or Cut Bait?  Much has been made in recent years of our nation’s [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 10-22-2018

2018-11-06T11:24:05+00:00 October 22, 2018|

Last week, I was honored to deliver a keynote address at the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography (URI-GSO) Coastal Resiliency Symposium that was organized by Representative Jim Langevin (RI-02) and featured Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (RI). I spoke on the myriad threats that the changing ocean and climate represent to our security and prosperity (Ocean Security), [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 10-09-2018

2018-10-09T16:49:07+00:00 October 9, 2018|

Last week, I spent a few busy days in Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida with the GCOOS Board of Directors and faculty and researchers with the USF College of Marine Science and Mote Marine Laboratory’s Aquaculture Research Park. Scientists in Mote’s Marine and Freshwater Aquaculture Research Program conduct research around filtration technologies for sustainable recirculating systems, [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 10-01-2018

2018-10-01T15:44:08+00:00 October 1, 2018|

Since 2009, COL has provided program management of the Ocean Observatories Initiative, an integrated infrastructure program teaching us about our ocean through deployed platforms and sensors gathering observations of ocean properties and processes in multiple ocean basins across the planet 24/7. More than a decade ago, COL (as a “consortium”) began the design phase [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 09-24-2018

2018-09-24T17:01:42+00:00 September 24, 2018|

In the wake of Hurricane Florence, I visited the University of South Carolina (USC) last week, with an interdisciplinary agenda that culminated in a seminar I delivered. My meetings and exchanges at USC included faculty and student representatives from the School of Earth, Ocean, and Environment; the Arnold School of Public Health; and the College of Engineering and Computing. Columbia itself, where [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 09-17-2018

2018-09-19T10:11:17+00:00 September 18, 2018|

Over the last week, most of the nation was transfixed by Hurricane Florence, as those in its path did all they could to prepare for the massive storm. Florence has brought (and is still bringing) catastrophic damage, which unfortunately includes loss of life, as it has dropped more than 30 inches of rain in some areas, causing flash [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 08-20-2018

2018-09-04T14:54:35+00:00 August 20, 2018|

For many Florida beachgoers this summer, their vacation has been thwarted by the extensive “red tide” harmful algal bloom (HAB) along the state’s southwest coast this year.  The dangerous toxins from this event have had significant impact on marine life and threaten the health and safety of humans as well.  If you’ve seen some [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 08-06-2018

2018-08-06T16:35:31+00:00 August 6, 2018|

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to help celebrate the extraordinary work and leadership of Dr. Russell Callender, who just left his role as assistant administrator for NOAA’s National Ocean Service (NOS), the nation’s most comprehensive ocean and coastal agency. The NOS is lucky to have had Russell for the last 18 years, and his dedication to [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 07-30-2018

2018-07-30T15:03:21+00:00 July 30, 2018|

With everything we each deal with on a day-to-day basis, it’s easy to ignore events that don’t directly affect us. Along this line, I read a storylast week about David Tebaubau, a seaweed farmer in the Solomon Islands whose current island home is in danger of being swept away by rising sea levels — the [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 07-23-2018

2018-07-23T15:36:02+00:00 July 23, 2018|

After reading bad news about ocean health early last week, I was telling myself I wouldn’t be surprised if the ocean was basically dead before I am. It’s easy to get discouraged when hearing about the growing ocean plastic pollution problem, bleaching coral reefs, expanding dead zones, overfishing, warming waters and melting ice, or [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 07-16-2018

2018-07-16T17:02:19+00:00 July 16, 2018|

We were pleased to host a congressional briefing last week with one of our member organizations, the IOOS Association, on the important role of ocean data in supporting the blue economy. During the standing-room only event, held in conjunction with the Senate Oceans Caucus, speakers from the seafood (Leigh Habegger, Seafood Harvesters of America), tourism [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 07-02-2018

2018-07-02T17:12:00+00:00 July 2, 2018|

Jogging along the seemingly pristine beach of Monterey Bay last week, I could almost see the ocean that Admiral Watkins envisioned in the U.S. Ocean Commission report of 2004 – An Ocean Blueprint for the 21st Century: “The oceans, coasts, and Great Lakes are clean, safe, prospering, and sustainably managed. They contribute significantly to the economy, [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 06-25-2018

2018-06-25T16:18:44+00:00 June 25, 2018|

Last Tuesday, the president signed the Executive Order Regarding the Ocean Policy to Advance the Economic, Security, and Environmental Interests of the United States. As this policy is implemented, I see numerous opportunities for COL, our members, and our partners across the ocean science and technology community to ensure ocean science underlies decision making. We must [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 06-18-2018

2018-06-18T17:30:58+00:00 June 18, 2018|

This week’s photo was snapped just after my final volunteer shift at the Ocean Plastics Lab on the mall yesterday evening, when we closed down the highly successful exhibit that is now headed for Ottawa. The overflowing (largely) plastic trash, just two blocks from the exhibit and right across from the EPA, exemplifies the magnitude of [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 06-11-2018

2018-06-11T17:01:03+00:00 June 11, 2018|

Last Friday, we celebrated World Oceans Day, but the ocean-themed events lasted all week. On Monday, after months of planning, the Ocean Plastics Lab opened on the National Mall. COL is proud to be a partner in this international effort to educate the public, in a hands-on way, about the extent of the ocean plastic pollution problem [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 05-28-2018

2018-05-29T16:51:05+00:00 May 29, 2018|

I took some time yesterday, Memorial Day, to reflect on the hundreds of thousands of men and women in the U.S. uniformed services who died protecting our country, as well as the countless family members and loved ones who have mourned their passing. I am deeply saddened by these ultimate sacrifices but also profoundly thankful for the [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 05-21-2018

2018-05-21T16:15:58+00:00 May 21, 2018|

On Thursday, the House Appropriations Committee approved a $62.5 billion Commerce, Justice, Science appropriations bill for FY 2019. While I referenced available numbers last week (proposed increases for NSF and NASA, a decrease for NOAA), the detailed committee report was released just prior to Thursday’s full committee markup and indicates that many of the eliminations and reductions proposed [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 05-14-2018

2018-05-15T08:53:16+00:00 May 15, 2018|

Amidst all the headlines emanating from D.C. last week, here’s one I wish you would have seen – “Congress’ Blue Tech Hearing Charts Innovative Future for Coast Guard.” I had the honor of testifying last week before the House Transportation and Infrastructure’s Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation. I was in good company, providing expertise [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 04-30-2018

2018-04-30T16:30:42+00:00 April 30, 2018|

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at the American Meteorological Society's Washington Forum. The theme, Connecting Science and Technology with Business and Public Policy, provided a platform to examine public policy issues across ocean, weather, water, and climate sciences, and I was pleased to speak on how advances in ocean science and technology extend far [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 04-23-2018

2018-04-23T10:07:53+00:00 April 23, 2018|

There’s nothing like a long weekend in Colorado to renew my appreciation for the outdoors… the Earth, the ocean, education, and the next generation. What inspired me most was the more than 100 high schoolers who descended on the University of Colorado Boulderto challenge each other on their ocean science knowledge in the 21stannual National [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 04-16-2018

2018-04-16T16:55:41+00:00 April 16, 2018|

Congress was back in session last week, and the new appropriations season is picking up steam. We submitted testimony to the House and Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittees on the importance of ocean science to our national security and maritime superiority. Later this month, we’ll also be providing testimony to both chambers’ Commerce, Justice, and Science Subcommittees, which fund NSF, [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 04-02-2018

2018-04-02T15:27:05+00:00 April 2, 2018|

It’s spring in D.C. and time for NOSB! Finals that is. All around the “NOSB nation,” dedicated and determined high school students who won their regional National Ocean Sciences Bowl competitions are preparing for the 21st annual national Finals competition that kicks off in just over two weeks. I’m looking forward to heading to Boulder, Colorado, where our hosts at the Cooperative [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 03-26-2018

2018-03-26T16:51:50+00:00 March 26, 2018|

In a different kind of March Madness, Congress and the president kept us on the edge of our seats once again, approving a final Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 omnibus spending package just before the buzzer sounded. This bill was a win for the ocean sciences, with some agencies seeing their first real increases in [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 03-19-2018

2018-03-22T11:05:38+00:00 March 19, 2018|

Budget season is in full swing on Capitol Hill! Congress is hustling to finalize spending for the remainder of Fiscal Year (FY) 2018. With the March 23 continuing resolution deadline fast approaching, threats of (ocean-driven) snow, sleet, and rain in D.C. could complicate the ongoing endeavors to avoid another government shutdown. The trillion-dollar-plus spending [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 03-12-2018

2018-03-13T16:06:37+00:00 March 13, 2018|

Last Wednesday, we hosted our annual public policy forum. Each year, we select a timely issue, ranging from food security to oil spills to a changing Arctic. This year’s, Power of Partnerships: Advancing Ocean Science and Tech, addressed both interagency partnering and coordination and public-private partnerships and how they can be used as a tool to improve the ocean science and [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 03-05-2018

2018-03-13T16:15:25+00:00 March 5, 2018|

I am excited to share with you the March 2018 special issue of Oceanography Magazine focusing on the Ocean Observatories Initiative, one of the programs COL manages. You can download the full issue from the TOS website. It is primarily composed of scientific articles from members of the community who responded to an open call for papers. These highlight [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 02-20-2018

2018-02-20T15:56:14+00:00 February 20, 2018|

Like many of you, I was experiencing firsthand the amazing advances in ocean science and technology at the biennial Ocean Sciences Meeting as the president released his budget request for Fiscal Year 2019 (which suggests drastic cuts and elimination of several federal ocean science and technology programs). You can read details of the budget request in [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 02-12-2018

2018-02-12T17:38:56+00:00 February 12, 2018|

Last week, the annual Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Ecosystem Science (GoMOSES) conference came to New Orleans with nearly 900 scientists from around the world to explore the theme of “Response, Restoration, and Resiliency in the Gulf.” Experts from academia, state and federal agencies, industry, and non-governmental organizations shared new research on how [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 02-05-2018

2018-02-05T14:34:59+00:00 February 5, 2018|

This weekend, I spent time in my home state of Florida at the Manatee Bowl, one of the regional competitions of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl, which was hosted by RSMAS in Miami (thanks!). The students were amazing and inspirational, as was the dedication and enthusiasm of the volunteers, coaches, and coordinators at all [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 01-29-2018

2018-01-29T13:06:55+00:00 January 29, 2018|

Today, we are pleased to be hosting a meeting of the Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) Oceans at COL. JPIs are European Union (EU) initiatives where EU funding agencies work together to fund research to address global challenges. In today’s meeting, EU representatives, as well as those from NOAA and NSF, will be exploring bilateral [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 01-22-2018

2018-01-25T10:07:06+00:00 January 22, 2018|

The government may shut down, but the ocean does not … and neither do we. As I write this, legislators are negotiating a deal to fund the government through February 8 in an effort to reopen the federal government after three days. This shutdown was the culmination of months of disagreement over individual appropriations bills [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 01-15-2018

2018-01-16T17:13:11+00:00 January 16, 2018|

Some good news from last week - the Senate passed the Coordinated Ocean Monitoring and Research Act (S. 1425) to reauthorize the Integrated Coastal and Ocean Observation System Act(ICOOS). COL and member institutions strongly advocated for this bipartisan bill last year, which passed out of committee last August and now heads to the House [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 01-08-2018

2018-01-08T15:46:01+00:00 January 8, 2018|

Traditionally, the new year is a time to set new goals and expectations and plan for a successful year (which often includes finishing up unfinished business from the last). Some of the top items on the president and Congress’ to-do list must be to finalize the nominations and confirmations of leadership positions in our [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 01-02-2018

2018-01-02T16:28:39+00:00 January 2, 2018|

At the close of 2017, I attended the Women’s Aquatic Network (WAN) holiday party in DC, where the group honored Dr. Marcia McNutt (COL Trustee) with their “Woman of the Year” award. Reflecting on her inspirational words and career of amazing leadership and scientific achievement, I am reminded of the remarkable change I have [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 12-18-2017

2017-12-18T17:04:50+00:00 December 18, 2017|

Last week, I participated in the 12th Annual Patuxent Defense Forum: “The Arctic Domain: From Economics to National Security.” Arctic experts also at the Forum included Dr. John Farrell, Executive Director of the U.S. Arctic Research Commission (USARC) – a COL member – and Maj. Gen. Randy “Church” Key, USAF (ret.), Executive Director of [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 12-11-2017

2017-12-11T16:46:17+00:00 December 11, 2017|

Gulf Coast residents woke up to something abnormal last Friday morning when snow fell from Houston to New Orleans and beyond. What a greater surprise that would have been had meteorologists not predicted this wintry mix in advance. But how far out can we predict such events?  Earlier last week, I sat on a panel [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 12-04-2017

2017-12-05T16:50:44+00:00 December 5, 2017|

To know the sea, we must go to the sea. As someone who’s spent a bit of time at sea, I can attest first hand to the value of ships in helping us understand the ocean and the dynamic undersea world. As ocean technological advances proliferate in areas such as autonomy, miniaturization, sensor development, [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 11-27-2017

2017-11-27T16:12:56+00:00 November 27, 2017|

As you recover from a hopefully restful period of giving thanks and feasting, I hope you are getting ready to join the National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB) for the third biggest giving day of the year - #GivingTuesday. Each year, the NOSB features a theme that is both timely and regionally significant to the Finals [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 11-20-2017

2017-11-20T16:08:32+00:00 November 20, 2017|

It’s fairly easy to predict what will happen to the turkeys tomorrow at the traditional pardoning ceremony at the White House. It’s much more difficult to predict what will happen with our weather and climate in the months and years ahead, but one thing we do know is that ocean observations play a crucial role in [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 11-13-2017

2017-11-13T17:14:09+00:00 November 13, 2017|

A new paper published in Nature Communications serves as an excellent reminder of the long-term value of ocean research and data collection.  This paper provides the first holistic analysis of the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS), which is a legacy of the Census of Marine Life – a global initiative that COL managed for a [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 11-06-2017

2017-11-06T17:31:46+00:00 November 6, 2017|

On Friday, I was pleased to see that the administration released the latest Climate Science Special Report, an 800-page examination of the state of climate science that is the first of two volumes of the Fourth National Climate Assessment. This extremely important report represents a Herculean task that involved scientists from multiple federal agencies (including [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 10-30-2017

2017-10-30T17:02:48+00:00 October 30, 2017|

Last week, COL convened our third annual industry forum, bringing together more than 100 cross-sector stakeholders invested in this year’s topic, Rigs to Reality: Determining the Fate of Offshore Oil Platforms. While participants represented a wide spectrum of interests, from oil companies to government agencies to environmental organizations to academic institutions, all had a shared [...]

Jon White – From the President’s Office: 10-23-2017

2017-10-24T12:25:25+00:00 October 23, 2017|

You may have heard of speed dating, but how about speed mentoring? I was honored to be asked to participate in a speed mentoring event with D.C.’s Women’s Aquatic Network WAN) last Wednesday. While it was rewarding (and exhausting) to impart my perspective and advice to 14 developing ocean leaders in 70 minutes, I was also inspired [...]

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