In Pursuit of an Underwater Menagerie

2016-06-28T19:38:43+00:00 May 6, 2013|

After a long, cold swim in the dark, we spotted it on the night reef with our dive lights: Octopus ornatus, the ornate octopus, a foot-long creature in an amber shade of orange with bright white spots and dashes along all its arms.

The Ocean Offers Many Lessons

2016-06-28T19:38:46+00:00 April 26, 2013|

Even before Darwin first speculated that life emerged from "some warm little pond," the book of Genesis said God prefaced the creation of humanity by making the "great sea creatures and every living thing that scurries and swarms in the water."

Why We Need a National Ocean Policy

2016-06-28T19:38:48+00:00 April 25, 2013|

This week over one billion people in 192 countries celebrated Earth Day. We planted trees, shared recycling tips, pledged action to combat climate change, and took a moment to reflect on what nature has given us.

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