Concern Over Economic Impact Voiced During House Committee Hearing On Impacts Of Federal Policies On Energy Production In The Gulf

2015-09-18T11:16:01+00:00 September 18, 2015|

(Click to enlarge) New Orleans. (Credit: Wikipedia commons( The House Committee on Natural Resources held a field hearing in New Orleans on Tuesday to deliberate on the impacts of federal policies on energy production and economic growth in the Gulf of Mexico.The discussion focused on the new well control rules proposed by the Bureau [...]

Democrats Walk Out Of Controversial Environmental Markup

2015-08-06T18:49:20+00:00 August 6, 2015|

Pesticides entering waterways, extending wildlife conservation efforts, reauthorizing the National Estuary Program, and opposition to the recently released Clean Power Plan were all debated this week in a heated markup held by the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. On the agenda were several bills (S.1324, S.1500, S. 1523, S.722) to be considered, but the discussion focused on the Affordable Reliable Electricity Now Act of 2015, S.1324.

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