Drones Are A New Tool For Duke, UNC Scientists. And They Found Oodles Of Sea Turtles

2018-01-18T12:46:08+00:00 January 18, 2018|

(Credit: Vanessa Bézy/ UNC-Chapel Hill) Scientists from Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill have found a powerful new weapon for counting elusive sea turtles: camera-equipped drones. (From Charlotte Observer/ By Bruce Henderson) -- A drone equipped with a high-resolution digital camera with near-infrared vision helped researchers document hundreds of thousands of olive ridley sea turtles [...]

Aquatic Robot Braves Volcanoes and Typhoons to Detect Tsunamis

2017-01-31T09:49:44+00:00 January 31, 2017|

The newest and most dangerous island in the world is about to get a robotic sentinel. Since bursting to life 1,000 kilometers south of Tokyo in 2013, a massive marine volcano called Nishinoshima has erupted dozens of times, spewing red-hot lava that engulfed a neighboring island. As the volcano has grown, so has the risk it represents to 2,500 people living on the nearby Japanese archipelago of Ogasawara. Should Nishinoshima’s rocky slopes collapse during an eruption, they could trigger a deadly tsunami that would reach the Ogasawara islands within 20 minutes.

So China Grabbed Our Ocean Drone, Does It Really Matter?

2017-03-06T11:25:26+00:00 December 23, 2016|

(Click to enlarge) Teledyne Web Research’s “Slocum” Glider. Teledyne will make the necessary design modifications to the company’s “Slocum” glider to meet specific requirements of the Coastal and Global Scale Nodes for the Ocean Observatories Initiative. (Credit: Ben Allsup, Teledyne Webb Research) Last week a Chinese naval ship retrieved an underwater drone, actually [...]

NOAA: Drone Technology Aids Whale Research Off Hawaii

2016-07-29T15:01:38+00:00 July 29, 2016|

Federal researchers returning from a 30-day expedition to study whales and dolphins around the Hawaiian Islands said they are looking for clues to help sustain healthy populations of the marine mammals. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists told reporters Thursday that gathering data on the animals is often difficult, especially around the windward coasts of the Hawaiian Islands.