Geoscientists Highlight Economic Importance Of Research To Congress

2015-09-18T12:15:12+00:00 September 18, 2015|

(Click to enlarge) California drought, dry riverbed 2009 (Credit: Wikipedia commons) Congressman Honda (D-CA) stressed the need for science communication when opening a briefing he hosted with the American Geophysical Union (AGU) this week highlighting the economic value of innovation and federal investment in earth and geoscience research. Following the interactive reception where representatives [...]

National Security And Military Leaders Come Out In Support Of Geosciences And Earth Sciences

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(Click to enlarge) U.S. Congress (Credit: Wikimedia commons) In response to attacks on earth sciences and geosciences in both appropriating (H.R.2578) and authorizing (H.R.1806) bills, former military and national security leaders urged Congress to protect NSF Geosciences and NASA Earth science programs.Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard leaders highlighted geosciences as effecting [...]

When America Competes, The World Benefits

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For decades, the United States has remained at the forefront of game-changing innovation and scientific accomplishment, far ahead of all other nations. But countries around the world are actively seeking to compete with the next generation of American innovators and scientists.