Program Update: Integrated Ocean Drilling Program – June 2012

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The spring 2012 issue of Core Discoveries, the newsletter for U.S. scientific ocean drilling, is now available. This issue includes articles about the Chikyu breaking the scientific record at the Japan Trench, the JOIDES Resolution targeting climate records in the North Atlantic, and education and diversity news.

Program Updates: Year in Review 2011

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Ocean Leadership has compiled a 2011 Year in Review for our newsletter readers. We hope that this gives you a great understanding of the breadth of work that our organization completed in 2011.

Program Updates: Year in Review 2010

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Ocean Leadership has compiled a 2010 Year in Review for our newsletter readers. We hope that this gives you a great understanding of the breadth of work that our organization completed in 2010.

Scientific Drilling Vessel Returns to Work After Major Overhaul – JOIDES Resolution Currently on Expedition in Pacific

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(Washington, DC) – The JOIDES Resolution (JR) has returned to international operations and will make its scheduled Port Call in Honolulu, Hawaii May 5-9, 2009. An international team of scientists will have completed the first of two eight-week Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) expeditions to the Equatorial Pacific ocean.

Deep-Sea Scientific Drilling Hit By a Cost Double Whammy

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As the oil industry gears up for the ongoing offshore-oil boom, scientists who study the sea floor say competition for scarce drilling resources is leaving them high and dry. "Funding goes down, oil goes up," laments paleoceanographer Henk Brinkhuis of Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Facing soaring costs and lengthening delays, the United States component of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP)

Journey to the Center of the Earth: Could It Really Happen?

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Jules Verne's classic science fiction novel A Journey to the Centre of the Earth has stood the test of time as imagination-capturing entertainment. Originally penned in 1864, it has been adapted into films, television and animation, thrill rides, video games and even a music album. In July 2008, the story again hits the big screen in a 3-D summer blockbuster.

Inside the Tsunami Factory

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Over the past 1,300 years, the Nankai Trough, the 500-mile-long boundary between two tectonic plates off the southwestern coast of Japan, has been one of the world's most active tsunami hotspots. Now an international team of scientists has embarked on a multiyear project to drill four miles down into the heart of this subterranean wave machine.

To the Core and Beyond

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As part of an elite group of scientists, Lodi native Michael Underwood is making history with a project that is drilling deep into the Earth's core. Discovering the secrets of the core may lead to earthquake forecasts and predictions, and may ultimately save thousands of lives.

Highlights from the Floor of the AAAS Annual Meeting

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The AAAS annual meeting is basically the opposite of the old E3 videogames conference. In the latter, the show and convention floor were dedicated to glitz, announcements, and lack of perspective. But scientists are different: thankfully, there are no scantily-clad booth babes at this get together.

From the President’s Office – 10/15/07

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Readers of Nature were surprised by the journal’s statement that the JOIDES Resolution has been languishing in a shipyard since fall 2003, despite 10 successful expeditions since then, the outcomes of which have been chronicled in Science, The New York Times, Scientific American, NewScientist and others. My letter addressing this inaccuracy is published in the 4 October 2007 issue of Nature.

So what is happening?

Ocean-Drilling Vessel Should Soon Be Afloat Again

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Sir -- Those involved in the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) are delighted by your encouragement of their work in your Editorial 'Drill often, drill deep' (Nature 449, 260; 2007) and News Feature 'Staying afloat' (Nature 449, 280; 2007).

From the President’s Office – 7/31/07

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Facing Challenging Times  The challenging times I talked about in my spring message to the community, “Challenging Times Ahead,” are here and it’s time for an update to let you know how we are facing them. There is good news to report, and there is bad news. It’s our job to rise to the challenges posed by [...]

Science Support for IODP: Updates that Affect U.S. Scientists

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New Cooperative Agreement JOI has finalized the U.S. Science Support Program (USSSP) 2007 - 2013 budget for the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP). As JOI President Steve Bohlen explained in JOI News (Spring 2007), JOI and IODP currently face a tough financial situation due to new NSF budget realities.  NSF is decreasing all ocean drilling [...]

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