Swiss Researchers Created A Robotic Eel To Help Track Water Pollution

2017-08-15T14:45:31+00:00 August 15, 2017|
The robotic eel has sensors that gatehr data. (Credit: EPFL)

(Click to enlarge) The robotic eel has sensors that gatehr data. (Credit: EPFL)

Researchers in Switzerland have developed a 4-foot-long pollution-tracking robotic water snake.

(From Business Insider / by Jasper Pickering) — The “Envirobot” comprises several special-purpose modules, which constitute it’s eel-like design, according to a press release on the l’cole polytechnique fdrale de Lausanne website.

The purpose of the modules are twofold. First, each has a small electric motor that lets the robot swim like a water snake. Secondly, each segment has a unique sensor for gathering different data and measurements.

More modules can be added as needed. The robot can swim on a route, or make its own way through a body of water to find the source of pollution, a researcher explains in the EPFL news release.

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