SeaBASS 2018 – A Marine Bioacoustic Summer School Program (Feb. 28)

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The goal of SeaBASS is to provide the opportunity for graduate students interested in pursuing careers in marine bioacoustics to develop a strong foundation of both marine animal biology and acoustics, foster technical communication across disciplines, and develop professional relationships within the field. SeaBASS gives students an opportunity to learn from experts who will discuss topics not often offered at universities due to the relatively small demand at any one institution. Lecturers within the field of marine animal bioacoustics will provide half day seminars that describe fundamental aspects of underwater sound and marine animal behavior, summarize the present state of the field, identify current obstacles and challenges, and discuss important “hot topics” areas.

Each seminar will include an introductory lecture followed by group discussions or group projects to gain a SeaBASS 2018 students and faculty more in-depth understanding of the issues. Structured social activities will also allow for students and research scientists to interact informally to develop lasting professional mentorships for guiding the next generation of marine bioacoustics scientists.

Deadline: February 28, 2018