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Dr. Kolluru Sree Krishna

Scientist, Marine Geophysics

Understanding the Structure and Tectonics of the Indian Ocean

National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa, India



On this Expedition:

I am one of the senior scientific investigators for this expedition and I work with the other scientists and students mostly in the area of geophysics. My goal is to understand the plate tectonics in the Indian Ocean and how this area formed. I have helped on this expedition to show students how we do science and research at sea.



About myself:

I am a cool guy who respects personal values and the value of a system's view. Also, I am fascinated to know the behavior of nature in the past. I use an integrated geophysical approach for investigation of complex geological problems. Working at NIO, India for the last two and half decades, I have learned crustal architecture of the aseismic ridges and ocean basins of the Indian Ocean. Also, I investigated the structural style of lithospheric deformation in the middle of the Indo-Austarlian plate.

For Students:

The sea has been an area that I have studied because of the way it formed in the past. India is close to the 90 East Ridge and I have learned about this region. We are collecting information here that I hope will help me to answer questions about the past.

Blog Archive

(alphabetical order by last name)

Sarah Baumgardner - Geosciences, MIT

Darryl Churchill - Engine Room Propulsion, RV Roger Revelle

Ron Comer - Dredge Consultant

Tom Desjardins - Captain, RV Roger Revelle

Meghan Donohue - Resident Marine Technician (aka restech)

Amy Eisin - Marine Geology and Geophysics, Texas A&M

Jay Erickson - Senior Cook, RV Roger Revelle

Joseph Ferris III - Second Mate, RV Roger Revelle

Dr. Fred Frey - Geochemistry Professor, MIT

Heather Galiher - 3rd Mate, RV Roger Revelle

Jackie Gauntlett - Geology and Oceanography, UCT

Howie Goldstein - Marine Mammal Biologist, Observer

James Edward Hayden, Sr. - Second Asisstant Engineer, RV Roger Revelle

Philip Hogan - Engine Room, Propulsion, RV Roger Revelle

Shari Hilding-Kronforst - Marine Geology & Geophysics, Texas A&M

Lara Kalnins - Geophysics, University of Oxford

George Kennedy - A/B Deck, RV Roger Revelle

Clemens Kessler - Seaman, RV Roger Revelle

Dr. Kolluru Sree Krishna - Marine Geophysics, Goa, India

Dr. Oleg Levchenko - Shirshov Inst. of Oceanology Professor, Moscow

Joe Martino - Seaman, RV Roger Revelle

Evelyn Mervine - Geochemistry Woods Hole / MIT

Laura Morse - Marine Biologist, Marine Mammal Observer

Brandi Murphy - Marine Geophysical Technician

Leslie Nemazi - Marine Geology & Geophysics, Texas A&M

Soumen Mallick - Isotope Geochemistry, Florida State University

Matthew Peer - Third Asisstant Engineer, RV Roger Revelle

Ines G. Nobre Silva - Isotope Geochemistry, University of British Columbia, Canada

Holly Owens - Geochronology, MIT

Scott Rasmussen - Geosciences, Brown University

Christopher Paul - Marine Geology & Geophysics, Texas A&M

Dr. Malcolm Pringle - Research Scientist / Geochronologist Professor, MIT

Dr. Dasari Gopala Rao - Marine Geophysics & Geology, India

Dr. Will Sager - Marine Geology & Geophysics Professor, Texas A&M

Dax Soule - Geophysicist, Geology, Texas A&M

Masako Tominaga - Marine Geophysics, Texas A&M

Richard Vullo - Chief Mate, RV Roer Revelle

Rory Wilson - Teacher at Sea, JOI Learning

James Wiltshire - Marine Geology, UCT


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