Science Communication Fellowship, Ocean Exploration Trust (Jan. 15)

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Who: Teachers and informal educators

What: Applications are available now for you to explore the Eastern Pacific Ocean with Dr. Robert Ballard’s Corps of Exploration as a Science Communication Fellow! This team of explorers conducts cutting-edge scientific exploration of parts of the global ocean never seen before using remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and multibeam mapping technology. Fellows will spend 1-3 weeks at sea between June – November 2018 in the Pacific Ocean.

The Science Communication Fellowship invites K-20 and informal educators for a professional development experience aboard Exploration Vessel Nautilus as science interpreters among a team of STEM professionals. Participants will gain exposure to and experience in the applications of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in the field of ocean exploration. Fellows will collaborate with a cohort from across North America, explore side-by-side with scientists and engineers, and share the adventure with their students, community, and the world as the expedition is broadcast live on

What Science Communication Fellows are saying:

“Many of the students I work with are first-generation college students, and think I can stand as an example to them of what is possible when you stick with it and go for outstanding opportunities”.

 “[The Science Communication Fellowship] reinvigorated my appreciation for how exciting cutting-edge science can be.”

 “I have so many ideas on how to bring this [experience] to my mathematics curriculum! I was truly able to refine my ability to communicate the use of STEM in ocean exploration and real-world.”

When: Applications for the Science Communication Fellowship are due by January 15, 2018. The application packet includes full program details:!communication-fellowship/cb0

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