SBI – Strategies for Success: Keeping Your Project Alive, Oct. 16-18 (apply by Aug. 24)

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Sustaining Biological Infrastructure (SIB), “Strategies for Success: A Training Initiative for Project Directors”

Calling all leaders of biological infrastructure projects:
Is your digital data resource, collection, field station, or laboratory financially sustainable? Do you feel confident in your ability to manage finances, plan for the future, analyze your stakeholders, communicate effectively, and diversify your funding sources? If not, our Strategies for Success course can help.

Come spend three days developing an action plan for your project, learning from expert faculty, and networking with colleagues. Our alumni agree that the knowledge and skills they gained on the course will have a meaningful impact on their project within the next 6-12 months.

During the workshop, you will:

  • Create an action plan to make your project more financially sustainable and successful;
  • Learn how to secure funding from private foundations;
  • Hone your skills in strategic planning, finances, and communication;
  • Network with colleagues who face similar challenges.

Learn more and apply here