Request For Comment On The Draft Marine Spatial Plan For Washington’s Pacific Coast (Dec. 12)

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Marine Spatial Plan for Washington’s Pacific Coast
The public is invited to comment on the draft Marine Spatial Plan for Washington’s Pacific Coast. The draft plan provides:

  • A consistent way of evaluating future ocean use proposals.
  • A new base of scientific information on coastal uses and resources.
  • A framework to coordinate decisions for new ocean uses.
  • Protections for sensitive ecological areas and fishing.

Plan recommendations
The draft MSP is an important tool to assist state agencies and others in evaluating and engaging in proposals for new ocean uses as well as guide potential applicants as they develop those proposals.
Draft plan elements:

  • Identify and protect ecologically-sensitive areas in state waters from adverse effects of offshore development .
  • Protect fisheries to ensure adverse impacts are avoided and mini-mized, and help projects avoid long-term, significant adverse impacts.
  • Create a process for enhanced coordination with stakeholders and among local and tribal governments and state and federal agencies.
  • List the data, information, and plans needed for proposed projects. Details the effects to people, communities, and the environment that need to be evaluated, including state standards and policies that need to be met.

Submit comments online by Dec. 12, 2017
Comment form:

Jennifer Hennessey

For more information, click here: (Review draft documents under “Projects and Resources”)