Public Meetings: Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council (MAFMC); Trade Monitoring Procedures For Fishery Products: International Trade in Seafood, Permit Requirements For Importers And Exporters;

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Clouds over the Atlantic Ocean. (Credit: Wikipedia Commons)

(Click to enlarge) Clouds over the Atlantic Ocean. (Credit: Wikipedia Commons)

The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council will hold a public meeting of the Scientific Uncertainty Subcommittee of the Scientific and Statistical Committee.

(From the Federal Register) — The purpose of the meeting is to conduct a peer review of recent analyses conducted by the Northeast Regional Stock Assessment Southern Demersal Working Group (SDWG) relative to stock delineation in the population dynamics models being developed for the northern stock (Cape Hatteras, North Carolina to Maine) of black sea bass (Centropristis striata). The results of this review will help guide the SDWG in the treatment of issues related to specification of spatial stock structure in the operating model for this species.

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The National Marine Fisheries Service will hold a public webinar to present details of a previously issued proposed rule (which published December 29, 2015) for electronic filing of seafood trade documents and will allow time for questions from the public.

(From the Federal Register) — On December 29, 2015, NMFS published a proposed rule (80 FR 81251) to integrate three currently paper-based seafood trade monitoring programs within the scope of electronic data collection through the U.S. government-wide International Trade Data System.

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