Program Update: Ocean Observatories Initiative – May 2015

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OOI Construction Update

On April 28, the R/V Atlantis left port from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to continue installations of the OOI’s coastal Pioneer Array. During the course of the cruise, numerous moorings were deployed, as well as a test deployment of an AUV. Check back on the OOI website next week for cruise details and photographs.

The OOI team installed the initial infrastructure of the Pioneer Array in November 2013, which included the Central Surface Mooring, Upstream Inshore Profiler Mooring, and Upstream Offshore Profiler Mooring. Thirty-two instruments were deployed with these moorings (story here). The second phase of the Pioneer Array installation took place in April 2014 with the recovery of the two Coastal Profiler Moorings and the Central Surface Mooring as well as the deployment of five Coastal Profiler Moorings and three Coastal Gliders (story here). In November 2014, the team recovered five Coastal Profiler Moorings and deployed replacement moorings at each site. Two shallow (200 meter maximum diving depth) and three deep (1000 meter maximum depth) Coastal Gliders were also deployed (story here). In December 2014, three Coastal Surface Moorings and two Coastal Surface-Piercing Profiler Moorings were deployed.

Coastal array installations will continue in June with deployments of one remaining mooring and three gliders at the Pioneer Array as well as two remaining moorings and three gliders at the Endurance Array. Also in June will be a maintenance cruise at Station Papa in the Gulf of Alaska.

OOI Data Update

On the Cyberinfrastructure front, the OOINet Build 4 integrated solution is working, pulling data through the uFrame software for visualization in the user interface, but is not yet completed. We continue to finalize updates, focusing on improved performance speed of the fully integrated solution, and assessing the schedule impacts to the Alpha testing. An updated key milestone chart will be provided at the end of this week.

Stay up to date with OOI Construction and Data Status here.

OOI in the News!

The April 24, Axial Seamount volcanic eruption, captured in near-real time by the OOI Cabled Array, was featured in over 30 news articles over the following weeks, including: UW Today, Seattle Times, Nature News, Science Magazine, and The Weather Channel. On May 3, the Skagit Valley Herald featured a piece on the OOI highlighting the unique opportunity that the OOI provides to integrate near-real time oceanographic data into the classroom. The OOI Endurance Array was featured on the Oregon Public Broadcasting program Think Out Loud on May 5: Listen here.

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