Program Update: National Oceanographic Partnership Program – October 2012

2016-06-29T09:24:15+00:00 November 1, 2012|

The National Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP) Office staff attended and hosted an exhibit booth at the MTS/IEEE Oceans ’12 Conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia from October 15-18.  NOPP was pleased to host an awards ceremony honoring the 2011 Excellence in Partnering Awardees on Monday, October 14.  Co-Principal Investigator (PI) Dr. Chuck Fisher from Pennsylvania State University gave a wonderful presentation on the Lophelia II research project.  He was joined in receiving the award by his Co-PI Dr. Jim Brooks from TDI-Brooks International Inc.  NOPP also hosted a marine renewable energy session titled, Developing Protocols and Monitoring to Support Ocean Renewable Energy Stewardship, on Wednesday, October 17. 

Three NOPP-funded scientists gave presentations on their research:

  • Baseline and Monitoring Studies for Ocean Renewable Energy on the U.S. West Coast – Steven Kopf, Pacific Energy Ventures;
  • As Assessment of Offshore Wind Turbine Visibility in the United Kingdom – Robert Sullivan, Argonne National Laboratory; and
  • Best Management Practices for Subseabed Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide – Becky Smyth, The University of Texas at Austin.

The Interagency Working Group on Ocean Partnerships (IWG-OP) met at Ocean Leadership on October 9 and the Biodiversity Ad Hoc group met at Ocean Leadership on October 25.  The Federal Renewable Energy Working Group is meeting today, November 1.  The Interagency Working Group on Facilities and Infrastructure (IWG-FI) will meet again at Ocean Leadership on December 10, and its Subcommittee on Unmanned Systems (SUS) will meet at Ocean Leadership in the beginning of December.

The next ORAP meeting will be held January 14-16, 2013 at the Consortium for Ocean Leadership offices in Washington D.C.  An agenda and more details will be posted on the ORAP webpage closer to the meeting.