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The National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB) released the fifth issue of its bi-annual newsletter, “The Ocean Gyre,” in August.  It is a fun and useful way to keep up with the NOSB program and community. In this issue, you can learn about the 2014 National Finals Competition held in Seattle, Washington; a generous donation from the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society; dedicated Chesapeake Bay Bowl volunteer, Wayne Sternberger; the Tsunami Bowl Regional Coordinator, Phyllis Shoemaker; and two NOSB teams who represented the program during amazing opportunities this summer.  All issues can be read online here or you can sign up for the newsletter by sending an email to nosb@oceanleadership.org.  We hope you enjoy reading “The Ocean Gyre!”

​Beginning this week, the NOSB will be hosting its annual Technical Advisory Panels (TAPs). Members of the ocean science and education community are assisting the program by reviewing and editing over 2,500 buzzer and Team Challenge questions for the 2015 competitions. If you are interested in assisting in a TAP this October, please contact Amanda Holloway at aholloway@oceanleadership.org.

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