Program Update: International Ocean Discovery Program – June 2014

2016-06-28T19:29:49+00:00 June 27, 2014|


This month, the JOIDES Resolution embarked on Expedition 351 (IBM Arc Origins), the second in a series of three expeditions focused on the Izu-Bonin-Mariana (IBM) oceanic arc, where the Pacific Plate subducts beneath the Philippine Sea Plate. Led by co-chief scientists Richard Arculus (Australian National University) and Osamu Ishizuka (Geological Survey of Japan/AIST), Expedition 351 will drill further to the west of the subduction zone, in the Amami Sankaku Basin. The overall goal is to understand what the oceanic crust looked like before IBM subduction began in the middle Eocene.

Also this month, IODP finalized plans for a public panel discussion to take place in Washington, District of Columbia, on July 1 at 6:00pm. The event, titled “An Evening at the Bottom of the Ocean: Meet the Scientists of the International Ocean Discovery Program,” will feature Dr. John Jaeger and several other members of the US Advisory Committee for Scientific Ocean Drilling. Together, the panel will discuss the seminal scientific achievements of IODP and its predecessor programs, their own experiences exploring the Earth beneath the sea and what makes them excited to be a part of it all. There is still space available to attend this event – please see this link for more information and to RSVP.