Program Update: Interagency Ocean Observation Committee – February 2015

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The Interagency Ocean Observation Committee (IOOC) is currently supporting the following task teams and activities addressing critical needs for ocean observing systems:

  • The Biological Integration and Observation (BIO) Task Team surveyed federal agencies assessing their current status and future needs for monitoring living organisms in the ocean, coasts, and Great Lakes. Currently, the BIO TT is completing reports summarizing the results from both the survey and from the workshop.
  • The IOOS Modeling Task Team is developing a strategy for ocean and coastal model capabilities over the next five to eight years. The lead writers on the TT met in person at Ocean Leadership in January and made major progress towards completing the strategy, which is on target to be completed in Spring of 2015.
  • The Animal Telemetry Network (ATN) Task Team is developing recommendations for how the U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS®) can assimilate animal telemetry efforts into a system to deliver critical information on biological resources and ecosystem functions, as well as oceanographic data that will complement and enhance existing observing capability. The Team is currently collating sections with Ocean Leadership Staff support.
  • DMAC projects will move forward through the development of variable/agency specific task teams to help examine and gather information on specific data integration challenges.

Each task team is on track to deliver their final products in FY 2015/16, including roll-out plans to disseminate the results among regional, national, and international ocean observing partners.

IOOC staff continues to support the global distributed project office for the Tropical Pacific Observing System (TPOS) 2020 with the objective of achieving greater and continued efficiency, effectiveness, and improved governance. Currently, Ocean Leadership Staff have developed, structured, and continued to maintain the TPOS 2020 Website and document management system. Staff will be supporting TPOS 2020 project teams as they are fully stood up.

IOOC staff continues to update and improve content on the IOOC website, including maintaining an up-to-date news feed on interagency, international, and national ocean observing activities. If you have any questions, please visit the committee’s website or send an email to