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dea_logoDeep Earth Academy (DEA) hosted an IODP Education Working Group meeting from January 16-18 at the Consortium for Ocean Leadership. Eight School of Rock participants and two IODP scientists came together to review and revise a host of new activities and labs. Materials reviewed include a glacial/interglacial core model kit, “Adopt a Microbe” thematic unit activities, and reading guides for “Tales of the Resolution” graphic novels, to name a few. Over the next several months, DEA will be finalizing these materials and publishing them on the JOIDES Resolution website.

DEA collaborated with a team of educators and scientists to submit a new proposal to the National Science Foundation (NSF) to fund its informal science initiatives, entitled “Pop-Up/Drill Down Science.” The project, if funded, would work with Girl Scout councils in diverse communities to bring mobile JOIDES Resolution-related exhibits to libraries, museums and outdoor fairs.

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