Program Update: Deep Earth Academy – April 2014

2016-06-28T19:29:57+00:00 April 25, 2014|


Deep Earth Academy staff, Education Officers, School of Rock alumni and scientists met with hundreds of educators at the National Science Teachers Association annual conference in Boston April 3-6. DEA staff also hosted workshop sessions and participated in two Earth science Share-A-Thons organized by the National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA).

A new video, “Educators on the JR,” highlights IODP Education programs on the JOIDES Resolution. Viewers hear firsthand accounts from former Education Officers, who speak about their experiences on board and the tools and strategies they learned along the way. The video also includes a look at other IODP education activities and services.

Ocean Leadership hosted an interactive exhibit at the 3rd USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, DC, April 25-27. Ocean Leadership staff, IODP scientists and educators guided families through several hands-on investigations based on scientific ocean drilling and focused on the theme “What’s the Evidence?”