Program Update: Census of Marine Life – October 2011

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The Census of Marine Life Scientific Steering Committee was recently honored at the 2011 International Cosmos Prize Commemorative Lecture and Symposium, which is held to commemorate the 2011 Cosmos Prize winner.  Dr. Ian Poiner, chairperson of the committee, delivered a lecture themed “The achievement and the future of the Census of Marine Life.”  After the lecture, members of the Census of Marine Life and the screening committee of the Cosmos Prize discussed the world of the Census of Marine Life.  The event was held on October 22, 2011 at the UN University Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.  For more details on the lecture, please see

The “Beyond 2010” Workshop: Building a New International Science Program Beyond the First Census of Marine Life was held on September 30 and October 1, 2011 in Aberdeen, Scotland in conjunction with the 2nd World Conference on Marine Biodiversity.  The aim of the “Beyond 2010” workshop was to present and discuss the scientific strategy to catalyze a new program of integrated international research in marine biodiversity in the spirit of the first Census of Marine Life, with a focus on engagement of the broader scientific community and plans and actions for implementation.  Over 150 people attended the workshop, which was led by Dr. Paul Snelgrove of Memorial University, Canada and Dr. Patricia Miloslavich of Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela.  Workshop attendees heard presentations on scientific themes for a new program and discussed the objectives, stakeholders and partners for a new program.  For more information about the workshop, please see Presentations are posted and other supplementary materials, including a workshop summary, are expected to be posted soon.