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Support For Oceans Bills2009/02/09House LeadershipAcidification Exploration IOOS MappingCoalition Letter
Support Oceans Bills2008/07/28Senate LeadershipAcidification Exploration Sea Grant IOOSCOL Letter
Multisociety CEO Transition Letter2016/11/23President-Elect Donald TrumpAdministration TransitionCoalition Letter
Multisociety Letter On Nominating OSTP Director2017/05/25President Donald TrumpAdministration Transition, Office of Science and Technology Policy Coalition Letter
Replace The Sequester2013/11/01Congressional Leadership Budget Priorities COL Letter
Climate Change Intersociety Consensus 2016/06/28CongressClimate Change ScienceCoalition Letter
Climate Service Recommendations2010/11/15NOAA LeadershipClimate ServiceCOL Letter
Strategic Vision For Climate Services2010/10/18NOAA DirectorClimate ServiceCOL Letter
Comments On NOAA's Climate Service Plan2010/05/14Congressional LeadershipClimate ServiceCOL Letter
Senate COMPETES Act Letter2015/11/02Senate Commerce, Science, TransportationCOMPETES ReauthorizationCOL Letter
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