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Support CLUE Bill2005/11/14Senate CommerceScience AuthorizationCORE Letter
FY08 IOOS Funding Support Letter2007/03/27House AppropriationsOcean ObservationsCORE Letter
Support Accession To The Law Of The Sea2007/09/24Senate LeadershipUNCLOSCoalition Letter
Support Southern Sea Otter Recovery And Research Act2007/11/14Representative Sam FarrSouthern Sea OtterCORE Letter
Support Oceans Bills2008/07/28Senate LeadershipAcidification Exploration Sea Grant IOOSCOL Letter
FY09 Climate Anomaly Request2008/08/05Senate and House AppropriationsScience FundingCOL Letter
Ocean Science Priorities For The Obama Administration2008/11/25Obama AdministrationScience PrioritiesCOL Paper
Support For Oceans Bills2009/02/09House LeadershipAcidification Exploration IOOS MappingCoalition Letter
Recommendations For Stimulus Spending2009/02/10Congressional LeadershipScience FundingCOL Letter
Ocean Investment Fund To Enhance Energy And Climate Security2009/02/10Ocean EnergyCOL Paper
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