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Oceans Role In Weather And Climate2013/12/11Senate Commerce, Science, and TransportationWeather ForecastingCOL Letter
FY15 Defense Funding Recommendations2014/04/09Defense AppropriationsDefense FundingCOL Letter
FY15 Science Funding Recommendations2014/03/31House AppropriationsScience FundingCOL Testimony
Recommendations For FIRST Act2014/02/03House Science ChairmanScience AuthorizationCOL Letter
Role Of Federal Research In Innovation And Prosperity2014/04/24Senate AppropriationsScience FundingCOL Testimony
FY15 NOAA Funding Recommendations2014/04/09Senate AppropriationsNOAA FundingCoalition Letter
FY15 Defense Policy Recommendations2014/04/09Defense AuthorizationDefense FundingCOL Letter
Driving Innovation Through Federal Investments2014/04/29Senate AppropriationsScience FundingCoalition Testimony
Closing The Innovation Deficit2014/04/29Senate AppropriationsScience AuthorizationCoalition Testimony
FY15 Science Funding Recommendations2014/04/25Senate AppropriationsScience FundingCOL Testimony
Document Title Date To Topic Type of DocumentEdit Entry