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OneNSF Initiatives Displacing Core Programs2013/05/30NSF Dirctor and NSB ChairScience FundingCOL Letter
FY14 Funding Priorities For Science Agencies2013/05/22Congressional AppropriationsScience FundingCOL Letter
Support For NSF Merit Review Process2013/05/20House ScienceMerit ReviewCoalition Letter
Endorsement Of France Cordova2013/08/02Senate Health, Education, Labor, and EducationPresidential NomineeCOL Letter
Oppose STEM Consolidation Plan2013/06/28Senate AppropriationsEducationCOL Letter
Concerns With Weather Forecasting Improvement Act2013/06/26House ScienceWeather ForecastingCOL Letter
Strip Sound Science Act From Farm Bill2013/11/01Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and ForestryScientific IntegrityCOL Letter
Replace The Sequester2013/11/01Congressional Leadership Budget Priorities COL Letter
Concerns With Draft FIRST Act2013/12/19House Science ChairmanMerit ReviewCoalition Letter
Oceans Role In Weather And Climate2013/12/11Senate Commerce, Science, and TransportationWeather ForecastingCOL Letter
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