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FY11 Science Funding Recommendations2010/04/07Senate AppropriationsScience FundingCOL Letter
Strategic Vision For Climate Services2010/10/18NOAA DirectorClimate ServiceCOL Letter
Comments On Science Framework For Education2010/07/30National Research CouncilEducationCOL Letter
CLEAR Act Support2010/07/21Speaker Nancy PelosiScientific IntegrityCOL Letter
Lessons Learned From Gulf Of Mexico Oil Disaster2010/12/03Department of EnergyOil SpillCOL Letter
Scott Doney Endorsement2010/11/29Senate CommercePresidential NomineeCOL Letter
Climate Service Recommendations2010/11/15NOAA LeadershipClimate ServiceCOL Letter
Support Marine Debris Reauthorization2011/07/25House Coast Guard and Maritime TransportationMarine DebrisCOL Letter
Funding Models For New Ships2011/05/05Research VesselsCOL Paper
FY12 Science Funding Recommendations2011/03/11House AppropriationsScience FundingCOL Testimony
Document Title Date To Topic Type of DocumentEdit Entry