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US Government Primer2016/07/08COL document
FY17 Defense Priorities Thank You Letter (CNSR)2016/07/08Sen. Dick DurbinDefense AppropriationsCoalition Letter
FY17 House CJS Friends of NOAA2016/08/15HouseScience FundingCoalition Letter
FY17 Senate CJS Friends of NOAA2016/08/15SenateScience FundingCoalition Letter
FY17 Interior Budget Table2016/07/18Science Funding, Budget, AppropriationsCOL Table
FY17 Senate CR Appropriations2016/10/14Senate AppropriationsScience FundingCoalition Letter
FY17 NDD Clean Omnibus2016/10/06Senate and House AppropriationsScience FundingCoalition Letter
SOST 10yr Plan Recommendations from Industry Forum 2016/12/30Subcommittee on Ocean Science and TechnologySubcommittee on Ocean Science and TechnologyCOL Letter
Multisociety CEO Transition Letter2016/11/23President-Elect Donald TrumpAdministration TransitionCoalition Letter
FY17 House CR Appropriations2016/10/14House AppropriationsScience FundingCoalition Letter
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