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AAAS Secret Science Ltr McCarthy 20152015/03/16House Majority WhipScientific IntegrityCoalition Letter
Response To NOAA Education Strategic Plan2015/04/10NOAA Education CouncilEducationCOL Letter
FY16 House NSF And Geoscience Funding2015/03/27House AppropriationsScience FundingCoalition Testimony
FY16 Senate NSF and Geoscience Funding2015/03/27Senate AppropriationsScience FundingCoalition Testimony
Science Conference Travel Support Letters2015/04/21Senate CommerceScience AuthorizationCoalition Letter
America COMPETES Reauthorization Opposition Letter2015/04/21House ScienceScience AuthorizationCOL Letter
Support Geosciences In COMPETES Act2015/04/21House ScienceScience AuthorizationCoalition Letter
FY16 CNSF CJS Bill Letter2015/05/19House AppropriationsScience FundingCoalition Letter
DSOS Response Letter2015/04/22NSF Ocean Sciences Division DirectorDecadal SurveyCOL Letter
FY16 NAVY Funding Table2015/05/21Science Funding, Budget, AppropriationsCOL Table
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